Application Development

The term Application development sounds a bit technical, right? Well yes, creating a computer program is not a piece of cake. It seems pretty easy to use these programs that have made our lives convenient but when it comes to checking out the way they work, it isn’t that effortless. We’ve all heard about IOS, Android and Ionic so just to get the basic concept these are its examples. Moving on to what Application Development actually is. Take it simply as the process of building a computer program or it may be a series of programs allowing you to execute different tasks that are requirements of a business. Now, it can be anything, taking the example ranging from calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports, applications can actually prove to be really very helpful.

Let’s move onto the first one which is extremely popular for the lovers of Apple. Brace yourselves as we’re about to explain to you about IOS.

1. Android

Moving onto Google, so Android is simply a mobile operating system just like iOS but the only difference is that it was developed by Google and obviously based on a better version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, which are basically for touchscreen devices.

Linux is a completely open source operating System and thankfully, it is accepted by all the communities in the world. Furthermore, Linux has the power to run those things that couldn’t be operated through Mac or Windows. Hence people prefer it.

2. IOS

For those of you who aren’t aware of what IOS is, it is simply an operating system that is manufactured by Apple Inc. and you find it in mobile devices. To keep it simple, it means “iPhone Operating System”.

It’s the software that allows you to interact with your Apple phone or tablet. Moreover, iOS is actually the first thing you see when you power up your device. The thing is we don’t notice it but that’s the way it is. Now, you see your desktops which are flooded with shortcuts allowing you to get to your favorite applications. You even have the option to make the phone useful according to your needs such as managing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on and off and even resetting the brightness of your home screen. iOS does all the hard work by overseeing your iPhone or iPad’s memory just to make sure your device runs at its best. The good thing is that Apple is continuously adding new features to your devices so they can be more convenient to use and it does that by continuously updating iOS by mitigating bugs.

3. Ionic

This open-source mobile application development was introduced in the market in 2013. Ionic dispenses tools and services allowing it to develop hybrid mobile applications by only using Web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and Sass. The reason why it was built was that they were strongly in favors that HTML5 would probably rule on mobile when the time exceeds, the same as it has on the desktop. Due to the recent advancements in mobile technology, smartphones and tablets are now able to operate through the same web applications.

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