XML is the basic language of web and is being used by us as a frequent tool in development. It is called The Extensible Markup Language which is widely used for transferring and storing data. It has the same significance in the website development as HTML has but it is slightly different form HTML. HTML is used to display data while it is used for the transfer and store of data. HTML shows us the data while XML is a carrier of data. Actually XML is a different thing which cannot be expressed in words. You can only write information in XML and transmit it to any application you want to.

API is a different thing from XML it is actually called the Application Programming Interface. In simple language we may say that it is the face of the application from where user is able to input his commands and get the output for them. We can share the interface of our applications through API. We have high expertise in writing codes and tags in XML and our team can efficiently use it at the base of HTML and PHP. It is the XML which makes any API to work as per user’s requirement. In current days the XML is being frequently used in almost all APIs because it provides the most secure data transmission. In fact XML is the basic data structure that works at the back end of the application.

The Nimble Web Solutions is currently working on a great number of APIs and we have fully command over using the XML at the base of APIs. At present we are running with a number of projects in which the clients are demanding from us to create XML codes for them and they want to use them in PHP, HTML and DRUPAL based APIs. A vast range of work has made us expert enough to deal with all types of coding and modules. Now our professionals are heading towards such a working in XML API that will be different form normal or traditional working. They are succeeded in some areas and the rest of the areas are still being worked on. We shall come forth with our achievements shortly and we are very much hopeful for them. Along with that we are still serving our clients with the same enthusiasm and hard work as we had been serving them in past. We still appreciate the visitors to use our blog service to share their problems with the programmers and other people so that it could be used for general welfare and knowledge and it they have any specific or important query they may contact us.

The Clients who want a quote on their projects may post them and get instant quote or they may contact us for the detailed working and discussion. Clients can also contact us about their general issues and programmers also welcomed if they need our expertise remotely or we could be able to help them in their rigid time.