The Nimble Web Solutions reveals its other strength “The Word Press”. The word press is a frequently used open source content management system that is used for blogging and developing both. People like it because it gives many modules and themes of different styles. It contains a wide range of plug-ins and add-ons to make you feel comfort and assist you whatever you want to design. It makes the developer more powerful because he can use customized codes and modules for his required use. The word press is supported by PHP and MYSQL which strengthens it for powerful content management and make it a complete tool. In the world currently more than 20 million people are using word press for their development purposes and they not only are satisfied by their work but appreciating it also.

The most important thing about word press is that it is a very SEO friendly and supporting tool. So the SEO of websites based upon word press is relatively easier and cheaper than other websites. Basically it is a blog publishing application which made it easy to create a blog than earlier. It became popular and appreciated due to its flexible nature. A blog creator gets a vast range of themes, publishing modules and content management at the same time. That’s why it is full fledge publishing application that enables its user to make his dreams of designing and development come true.

At The Nimble Web Solutions it is being used for a long time. We are the ancestors in word press and a plenty of hard work has blessed us with the expertise in it. We have an experience of a variety of work that has made us matchless in our field. We have a number of projects running in word press and the visitors are able to see them in our portfolio page. The main reasons why we use word press are its plug-ins that is so useful and lessens the burden of work and make it more softer and reliable system. It has a plug-in to translate almost 50+ languages into each other plus the word press importer enables to import comments fields and many other things from an export file. Along with that you can attach Google analytics with word press websites. This would enable you to have a look at clicks, visitors and leads info and you will be able to analyze the needs of your web easily besides that Google XML generates such a site map that help any search engine to index the blogs or web sites in a better way. The word press also helps to make fast and secure contact form that are customized in such a way that the management remains save from spamming and false usage. On the other hand while using word press’s salient features excellently we are also able to generate our own customized codes and modules as well as we can design themes as per the requirement of our clients.

Our valuable clients can get a bid from us by placing their project on our instant quote tab and may have a quote at cheaper rates. Beginners and learners may also use our blog for their questions about The Word Press. All of above we have contact us page opened for all to contact us for their issues.