Twilio API

The Nimble Web Solutions proudly informs our clients that we are the best API developers with TWILIO. We have made a large variety of applications that are based on communication tracking and scaling. We know how to use TWILIO for our benefits. TWILIO is the most popular name in the field of communication these days. It is considered the best provider for web-service APIs. Most the businesses use TWILIO at the back end of their applications to track and scale their calls. It helps us a lot to manage calls and make it a useful record. It is helpful to make SMS and calling applications for various businesses as per their requirements. In this we may choose tariffs of our choice. They offer different types of pricings i.e. Pay as you go, Volume pricing and Enterprise features. So we choose the best combination regarding our client’s needs and use it.
We have exclusive and outstanding team that deals with TWILIO. The process starts from choosing the tariff and ends in the complete application and they are simply the best in all stages. Tracking the incoming calls their recording, saving, storing and recalling everything just requires a couple of clicks. Our professionals are well aware of attaching the calls with their actual data records. They know how to join the incoming calls through phone to web and API and vice versa. We make several Twilio Apps with a user friendly environment so that the user feels it easy and relaxed while using the application.
Most of the telemarketing applications are based upon TWILIO these days. It so because TWILIO makes it easy to track the call, it’s recording and above all its attachment with the proper record. We have made many APIs based on it and they are running successfully all around. Currently we are working on even better open source phone system for our clients and we offer it to our precious clients shortly. That system would be more reliable and more convenient for the users. It would enhance the proficiency by decreasing the data redundancy. Data redundancy is the major problem that is frequently faced by the ordinary programmers in the field. Here our best team has overcome this flaw with their esteemed professional skills and devotion. Our value able clients never face this problem and they are enjoying the APIs using TWILIO in their roots.
Currently we have made the following applications upon TWILIO and our many satisfied customers are using them without facing a single problem. In fact we’ve got a lot of appreciation from them.
1. Click to Call:
Click to call is feature that gives an opportunity to the visitor of your website to call your agent or IVR right from the website and get the required information or share the problem with you. It may also include a list of numbers from which a person can select to whom he want to make a call. This is not only useful for customers’ webpage but organization may also use it for internal or external communication effectively.

2. Automatic Calls:
We have also made and can make such an application that will generate an automatic call to where ever you want. For example when a customer place a bid or order something at your website, the application may automatic generate a verification call after taking order. This call may be made by IVR. Or it may generate a call to relative department as well.

3. SMS Portals:
We also provide SMS portals for many purposes i.e. If you want to generate some kind of publicity SMS or you want to generate verification SMS. Our apps are capable of sending SMS through web or can receive SMS on web. Along with that these can generate SMS automatically with the fixed text or they can use the random texts as per the subject under discussion.

4. Voice Portals:
Voice portal is our most frequently demanded application. We design the voice portal with such an extra care and consideration that user feels no flaw in it. Client’s each and every question can be answered by this voice portal. We may make it as IVR with a hundred of variety of unique and genuine voices. One website can use more than one voice portals with different voices as you have more than one agent at your office place.

5. Call Tracking:
As it is mentioned earlier that TWILIO is mostly used to track calls but TWILIO cannot track the calls itself. It is the application that makes TWILIO to track the calls. So we have made a couple of such applications to serve our clients. These are successfully running call track systems that our clients are using currently and these are exclusively available at The Nimble Web Solutions.

Our greatest strength is that we have made such a CMS that using TWILIO gives more features than TWILIO itself. Are you shocked? No need to be astonished. Our CMS can look for 30 available numbers at a time with in a specific region while TWILIO can only search for one number at a time. Besides that you can search any number on TWILIO, call history or call recording from a single place along with that you can book, buy or cancel a number using our CMS. So you don’t need to go to TWILIO anymore. Isn’t it better and wonderful? We confidently as well as proudly say that you won’t get such services anywhere else in the market.

Besides above mentioned features, TWILIO has also launched two more new features in which we are the pioneers for getting expertise. Our team was one of those initial teams who adopted these feature shortly. The features are as follows:

7. Call Transcription:

This feature is a blessing in disguise for those who have to enter data in data base because it transcripts the call into text format and saves it into the database for the future use. Due to this the efficiency has increased a lot and also it saves time and money of the person. Call transcription is really helpful when you have to receive a huge number of calls daily and then have to enter them into the data base. So you may also enjoy this feature.

8. TWILIO Sub user management:

The feature we are going to discuss is another great feature of TWILIO. Earlier it had happened that if there was a user and he had made 2 or 3 or more sub user with him, only one main user was billed as a whole for the usage. The main user was unable to analyze that which user has expensed more so it was hard and unjust to allocate the burden. Now TWILIO has overcome this problem by making a management system that will focus the sub users and the entire sub users will be billed separately as per their usage so no worries now. Use TWILIO and get your all problems solved. We have developed the applications for big organizations who may have hundreds of sub accounts on twilio. Our applications are managing them on the fly. We are creating sub accounts through REST Api, Updates sub accounts status, you may suspend sub accounts or even delete any sub accounts within the application. We are keeping all the transactions in our database for each sub accounts.

If you want to get an application for your business to track the calls whether these are inbound or out bound, go ahead place your project on our website and choose the category TWILIO and get a quote instantly. Or if you are a programmer and facing any problem in using TWILIO then use our blog service for the query or simply contact us for your questions. Our best team of professionals will give you the ultimate solutions for the problems. It is not the matter of making money only, it is the matter of serving clients and other mankind.