Twilio Android Apps

Android OS is spreading worldwide nowadays. Almost every upcoming device is using android OS in it. It shows the importance of android OS in future. “Nimble Web Solutions” has a vision to lead in the development field. This makes our developers’ team restless until they achieve their goals. Keeping their tradition alive our developers have taken a step beyond the limitations and for the very first time Nimble Web Solutions is presenting Twilio apps in android version. It’s not less than an achievement because till now we are the one and only to come forth with a mixture of Twilio API and android OS.

Our apps are compatible with every android version which is higher than 2.0. These apps enable a smart phone to communicate with browsers all around the world. They also make a smart phone a real VOIP phone which can send and receive calls and SMS around the globe. Since the Twilio has launched its android SDK our team has been working on it and has ended with a successful development of such a platform which will enable a user to communicate to the world right from his mobile phone.

Currently we are offering Voice applications which include complete Phone System i.e. Conference calling, IVRs and Phone Dialer. Our SMS applications contain bulk messaging features and a complete SMS marketing management kit. Users will be able to publish their own businesses internationally as well as can control their clients.

What’s the difference now?

Earlier our web applications were able to communicate with device through web browsers but now the prospective is broader and now browser to browser, browser to mobile and mobile to browser communication is easier and handy. The apps can be handled right through the mobile devices by installing in them.

The user is no more computer dependant. He can manage all the campaigns and promotions by using android application from mobile phone. Calls forwarding and Conference calling can also be done by using the mobile apps. It will save his time and will make him independent.

Besides the apps we have developed recently we also welcome the new innovative ideas from our visitors and users. We are undoubtedly at home in creating customized android apps for our clients. Whatever you have in mind just share with us and get the best version of your thoughts. We also resolve your problems and provide you quick and ultimate solutions. We are open for your suggestions, comments and consultation. Give us a chance to serve you better.