Specialized APIs Development

The team of developers at Nimble Web Solutions is continuously working for the betterment of the clients. We always come forth with latest and better ideas that are used to facilitate our valued customers. The experienced and devoted team of developers at Nimble using XML data transfer affiliates two different APIs and makes a brief application for the clients.

What is API?

API that is commonly known as Application Programming Interface is actually a group of features that is provided by the application founder company. They provide these features for the facilitation of the general people so that they could feel easy in operating their services. These APIs are actually user friendly environment created by the companies. Our developers use these features and make even better web applications. They may create customized applications that contain all the desired features of a business.

What APIs do we use in developing applications?

There is a large number of APIs which our developers frequently use and they are completely aware of there systems and can create any kind of web application upon them. Nimble team of developers has been working on these APIs since the past ten years. This much level of experience and expertise makes us exclusive in the market. A list of those APIs is shared over here which are used by us.

Proliphix API
Fulfillment Works API
Blast Ramp API
Amazon API
Google Adwords API
Authorize.Net API
PayPal API
Secure Pay API
Limelight API
iContact API
get Response API
Commission Junction API
Sales force API

Besides the above mentioned APIs we also work upon many other Application protocols. They can develop web application using single API as well as a combination of APIs. That’s why the Nimble has become the name of quality and trust in the web market.

What we have developed?

Now the question is where we claim to have expertise in the field of API development, may be every visitor wants to know what we have developed? It is a simple question with simpler answer.  We have developed a number of applications using above mentioned APIs.

By using TWILIO API we have developed calls tracking and recording system, SMS marketing applications, QR codes development and we have launched customized applications for hotels, restaurants and real estate businesses.

With the help of Volusion API we have made stores and we also merged fulfillment works API in the application that is used to deliver the objects purchased by Volusion API. In the same way we have also merged PayPal API for the sake of payment transfer in almost all the web applications.

Sales force API is used to develop such web application that can control the human resource in the business. It provides complete control to the admin over his staff. In this way his resources never go astray.

All theses things are a proof of our expertise in the field of API development. Our devoted team of professionals at Nimble Web Solutions gives you the best out of their services. We never sale, we serve.