QR Codes Development

In the past times to transfer an information shortly and securely bar code font was used. It was a simple text font that was readable with the help of a bar code reader or scanner. This was considered as a secure mean of data transmission. As the technology is going ahead to the betterment on daily basis so there is even better way of transmission available now. Quick Response code known as QR code is the newest technology now.

The bar code reader was only able to take text to the reader while QR code contains much more than simple text. Actually QR code is an image which contains the embedded information in it. It is a two dimensional code that is a type of matrix barcode. Its popularity is increasing rapidly because it is easily readable and covers less space with more data as compared to old bar codes. It is a square image with black patterns on white back ground. The coded information can be in numeric, alpha numeric, Kanji and binary modes or standards. The main usage of the QR code is seen in the marketing industry where less space and time is available for providing more and more information. These codes help a lot there.

The origin if a QR code is Japan, where Toyota Company used these codes to track their manufactured cars and their standards. They were used to enter all the required info of the vehicle in this coded shape and then a QR scanner was used to decode them. Nowadays almost all the latest smart phones have QR codes reader in them. Advertisers use QR codes on the hoardings, banners and sign board to give the quickest ad to the general public. All they have to do is to snap shot this code through their mobile phone and decode it in QR code reader. It gives them all the necessary info about the advertised object. It’s so simple and time saving formula. People always like and appreciate it because they get handy info at a glance.

Nimble Web Solution as adopting the latest trends achieved expertise in developing QR codes for the subscribers. All the current and upcoming clients of them were demanding for this feature so they assigned a team of experts upon this task. Currently there are several apps developed by Nimble Web Solutions are providing QR codes facility to the reader. These apps automatically generate a QR code as per the info provided by the admin. Our latest SMS application system is also having this latest feature at its best.

Besides that the team at Nimble can merge this technology in any way as per the client’s will. They are at home in development of QR codes and affiliating them with all sorts of applications. Whether a person is related to advertising business, real estate business, hotel business, pharmacy business we can develop an API for him that will contain QR code generation and decoding tools for him. This may help him a lot in developing and promoting his business with quicker and safer. Try out the QR codes development by Nimble Web Solutions now.