Apps Development using TWILIO API

Nimble Web Solutions significantly claims the expertise in TWILIO application development. There are countless applications that are developed by us using TWILIO API. Out team of devoted developers is at home in utilizing TWILIO API efficiently. We have developed numerous applications for our various clients according to the need of their relative businesses. Whether they belong to any business i.e. Hotel, Fast Food, Real Estate, Pharmacy, Marketing, HVAC or any other line of business, we develop web applications as per their need. We analyze the need of telecommunication and SMS marketing in their business structure and suggest reasonable solutions at affordable cost. Since the launching of company Nimble Web Solutions has developed countless web apps upon TWILIO API.

What we have developed?

Here at this point we won’t only claim to have expertise but express our achievements. Currently the SMS marketing application developed by NWS developers is running on 157 servers all around the globe. Besides that the calls tracking system by us has also penetrated in the market and many businesses are hiring our services and taking quotes from us. The combination of features used in TWILIO based APIs is given as follows.

Campaign system:

The campaign system developed by Nimble Web Solutions is the best ever marketing system introduced. It works on both i.e. for alls and SMSs. This system creates its own calling campaigns by selecting the series of numbers and makes automated voice calls for the products. There are many options for the system to select the numbers. It may select the lead geographically, with name, location, types of customer and many other filters can be applied. In the same way this system also generates messages for the marketing purposes and sends bulk messages to the numerous numbers at a time. The prefilled messages are sent to the various customers as per their specification.

Notifications system:

Using the TWILIO API we have generated a notification system which notifies the admin or the group of people at the same time when their campaign gets any response. For example if you’re going to sell a car and you have launched an SMS campaign for that, whenever a customer responds to your SMS you get notification for that. It may also notify you by a call if necessary; a preset message will be played for that. This system not only generates response for the owner but also generates a preset automatic message for the customer to respond his request. This puts a good impact over the customer.

Polling system:

By using SMS or call portal various polling campaigns can also be launched will be administered through the web application and their all kinds of results and other reports will be maintained by our application. For example; if someone wants to know the fashion trend in the society. He may launch a polling SMS or call by our API which will strike the local phone numbers using TWILIO API and take an automatic response by the users. Then it will compile a custom report for the admin and in this way you can get the public opinion with less effort.

Calls tacking and recording system:

The experts at Nimble Web Solutions have made it possible to track your calls. It is a system that is inevitable for the business cost effectiveness. Our calls tracking application work with both web campaigns and calls and SMS campaigns. It tracks the incoming user calls that from where they have generated and with which keyword the customer found the business. It enables the owner to analyze the effectiveness of his campaigns and he may continue or drop any campaign on this behalf. The system also records the incoming calls for quality assurance and the further analysis.

Calendar activities:

The calendar activities are also a big feature that uses TWILIO API at the back end. With this application the user may schedule his calls or SMS for any future date and time. He may use this service for the sake of automatic calls and SMS generation for a specific purpose. Suppose you want to wish Christmas to all your business customers at the exact time of 25th December at 12am, you can use this feature and at exact time the system will send a preset message to all your customers.

Lottery System:

The latest Lottery System has also been introduced using TWILIO. You can create a lottery system by generating a lottery SMS and send it to all members of the group. Then the system will randomly select the winners from database. You may also get more than one winners using same application.

How these applications can be used for the businesses?

These applications can be used for various businesses in various ways. We shall elaborate them in detail.

For Real Estate:

For real estate business the Campaign system will generate an automatic or preset call of SMS to all the local numbers with the quick specs and price of a local property. People will either listen to that automatic call or receive the SMS on their mobile phones and will response to that in either way. Here the notifying system will generate a notification SMS to the admin to tell him that from which number and for which property the response has been received. At the same time it will reply the customer with the thanks and the name of related agent and his phone number. In case the customer calls to the agent the calls tracking system can respond the customer by using IVR and it may also track the origin of the call and the campaign detail that impulse the user to call. It will also record the call for the further scrutiny. Lottery system can be used for giving a discount to the random the customer to add an attraction to the business.

For Restaurant business:

For restaurant the campaign system will generate the calls and messages with the latest deals and packages prevailing at the restaurant. It may also contain the discount coupon by which the customer will get a specific amount of discount by producing the message at the cash counter. The notifying system will do the same job as it will notify the admin as well as the customer according to their queries. Polling system can be used to run polling in the locality that can be like using the competitor’s name and yours to take the public opinion about your business and other competitors. The calls tracking system will again scrutinize the incoming calls and tell you the campaigns effectiveness. Which one of your packages or deals is highly demanded etc? Calendar services can be used to generate automatic SMSs at the specific times, like you may send automatic SMSs at lunch time for lunch deals and at midnight time for midnight deals etc. Lottery system can get over a lucky winner for the evening and you can have satisfied customers.

There are many other useful features that we can add in the customized applications. The client just needs to come forth with his requirement and we can provide him the best and ultimate solution shortly. That’s what you’ll never find anywhere else. Share your idea and requirement today for having your own application.